Application for Ministerial Credentials

All parts of this application must be completed entirely.

A non-refundable application fee of $95 CAD must be included with this application which can be sent by accessing the link at the bottom of this application form. If you have been approved to upgrade your license to Ordination, please note there is a service fee of $500 for your public ordination service.

Credentialing Process

An application is considered complete once all documentation is received by Anchor Ministerial Fellowship. This includes the application, all references, a vulnerable sector police check, and the application fee.

Applications are processed in the order they are received. Soon after, you will be contacted to arrange a time to meet with the Anchor Credentialing Committee. This meeting typically occurs on a Thursday morning and is designed to allow the Anchor Leadership to get to know you and discern with you if licensing is appropriate for your situation. Please note, it can take 2 to 3 months before your interview is arranged based on the number of applicants in process. The recommendation of the Credential Committee will then be voted on by the Board of Directors. You will be promptly notified by the leadership of Anchor Ministerial Fellowship of the decision made by the Board of Directors.

The annual Licensing Fee appropriate to your level of license is payable upon acceptance. Your printed Ministerial Licence card will be sent upon receipt of your payment.

Should you have questions pertaining to this application, please contact Anchor Ministerial Fellowship.

Application for Ministerial Credentials

Please inform what type of license you are seeking with Anchor. This application is being submitted for consideration of the following status for ministerial credentials:

If approved, how you would like your name to appear on your certificate?

If you are applying for ordination or recognition of ordination, if approved, would you like your title to be Reverend or Pastor?


In order to be considered for Ordination, an individual must maintain a General License with Anchor Ministerial Fellowship for a period of two years. (This does not apply to Recognition of Ordination applicants).

General Information

All applicants must have:

  • (A) A definite call, confirmed by the witness of the Holy Spirit;
  • (B) An understanding of, and faith in, the purpose of God through your call; and,
  • (C) A desire and dedication to give yourself wholly to the ministry.

Personal Information

If married or separated

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, please provide a full explanation below


Please type in the name of the school(s) and year graduated

Christian experience

Former credentials and ministry

If Yes, answer below

If yes, provide the date issued, name and address of the credentialing body, and explain the reason(s) why the credentials have lapsed.

Ministry Experience

If yes, please provide the name of your pastor, church name and address. 


As a member of the Anchor Ministerial Fellowship, you will not pursue legal action or sue the Corporation and/or its Executive or Committee members members in matters concerning their official duties, or in disciplinary action necessary stated in the by-law and the policy of Anchor?
Do you agree not to pursue legal action or sue the Corporation and/or its' Executive if you are disqualified from holding credentials according to the By-laws and Policies of Anchor?

Sponsor and references


Anchor believes strongly in the principle of spiritual accountability. Accordingly, members must have someone they relate to in a pastoral role and from whom they are open to receive counsel. The sponsor fulfills this responsibility. Read the Sponsor Agreement Sheet and ask the individual who best fulfills this role in your life to submit the attached Reference and Sponsor's Agreement Sheets on your behalf. Please note that your sponsor must have or have had pastoral experience, and may not be your spouse.


List the name, address and telephone number of your chosen Sponsor and three additional references who will complete and submit a reference form on your behalf. Your references must have known you for at least four years, and may not be your spouse.

Reference #1

Reference #2

Reference #3

Spouse Comments


Each applicant is required to appear before the Credentialing Committee for an interview. You will be notified of an interview time and location upon receipt of all your paperwork regarding your application.

Application Fee

An application fee of $95 CAD must be enclosed with this application which can be submitted via cheque payable to Anchor Ministerial Fellowship mailed to 130 Patrick St. W, Fergus On, N1M 1L5. (Please do not send cash in the mail.) Alternatively, Application Fee's can be submitted online by clicking the submit & pay button below.

Processing of applications can take up to 2 months. Please refer to the Credentialing Process section on page 1 for details on the 60 day application window.