Sponsor's Agreement

Anchor Ministerial Fellowship believes strongly in the principle of spiritual accountability. Accordingly, members must have someone they relate to in a pastoral role and from whom they are open to receive counsel. The sponsor fulfills this responsibility.

A sponsor should realize that he/she is to maintain a functional pastoral relationship with the applicant. This means the sponsor must be in regular contact with the applicant, preferably monthly, at minimum quarterly. A sponsor must be someone of reputable Christian character who is in agreement with the basic beliefs and philosophy of Anchor, and who is presently speaking into the applicant’s life. The sponsor must have or have had pastoral experience, must have known the applicant for at least 4 years, and may not be the applicant’s spouse. It is not necessary for the sponsor to be a member of Anchor.

Questions regarding this form can be directed to the Anchor Ministerial Fellowship office at info@anchorministerial.org, or by phone at 519.787.2324 or 888.820.2579.

Please describe your understanding of the applicant's current ministry:

I agree to be a sponsor and provide pastoral oversight for the above named applicant. In the event correction is needed, I will make the initial contact and offer the necessary counsel. Should the matter be unresolved, or of a serious nature, I agree to notify Anchor for their investigation and direction. If, for any reason, I should not be able to continue as a sponsor, I agree to inform the Anchor office.